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Hosting 5GB

Our 5GB WordPress hosting is perfect for matured WordPress sites that house a vast amount of media, plugins, and themes. With tailored resources, your site enjoys robust performance even under heavy traffic conditions.

Updates 3x

Three technical updates ensure your WordPress site remains at the pinnacle of performance, security, and compatibility. With these updates, your website stays in line with the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

Backup 3x

With three comprehensive WordPress-specific backups, you’re triple assured against data loss scenarios. Protecting your themes, plugins, and core content, we ensure continuity and peace of mind.

Security Lv.3

 Our Security Level 3 is an advanced safeguard for WordPress sites. It offers intricate defense mechanisms against both common and sophisticated threats, bolstered by periodic deep security scans.

Optimization high

The high-level optimization service dives deeper into refining your WordPress site. From database optimizations to fine-tuning server responses, we ensure your site operates at its peak potential.

$ 20 Landing / Promotions
Hosting 1GB
Updates 1x
Backup 1x
Security Lv.1
Optimization - minimal
$ 40 Personal / Business
Hosting 2GB
Updates 2x
Backup 2x
Security Lv.2
Optimization - middle
$ 60 Portal / Online shop
Hosting 5GB
Updates 3x
Backup 3x
Security Lv.3
Optimization - high
$ 100 Platform / Web App
Hosting 10GB
Updates 4x
Backup 4x
Security Lv.4
Optimization - full