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Hosting 2GB

Our 2GB WordPress hosting provides more storage, ideal for growing WordPress sites with increased media content and functionality. Tailored for WordPress, it ensures smooth operation even with more plugins and themes.

Updates 2x

This includes two technical updates for your WordPress site, ensuring it remains compatible and optimized with the latest WordPress versions and standards, enhancing security and performance.

Backup 2x

Benefit from two comprehensive backups designed specifically for WordPress. Safeguard your site’s data, themes, and plugins, ensuring you’re prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Security Lv.2

Security Level 2 offers advanced protection measures for WordPress sites. Beyond basic protections, this level counters more sophisticated threats and includes periodic security audits.

Optimization middle

Our intermediate optimization service for WordPress fine-tunes performance with deeper code optimization, advanced image compression, and adjustments tailored to your specific theme and plugins.

$ 20 Landing / Promotions
Hosting 1GB
Updates 1x
Backup 1x
Security Lv.1
Optimization - minimal
$ 40 Personal / Business
Hosting 2GB
Updates 2x
Backup 2x
Security Lv.2
Optimization - middle
$ 60 Portal / Online shop
Hosting 5GB
Updates 3x
Backup 3x
Security Lv.3
Optimization - high
$ 100 Platform / Web App
Hosting 10GB
Updates 4x
Backup 4x
Security Lv.4
Optimization - full