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Hosting 10GB

Our 10GB WordPress hosting is tailored for high-end WordPress sites with extensive media libraries, multiple plugins, and advanced themes. With substantial resources, it ensures top-tier performance, ideal for professional and large-scale platforms.

Updates 4x

Benefit from four technical updates throughout your subscription, ensuring your WordPress site consistently matches the latest technologies, versions, and security protocols in the WordPress community.

Backup 4x

Enjoy peace of mind with four comprehensive backups, meticulously designed for WordPress. Protect every aspect of your site, from core data to intricate settings, ensuring rapid recovery in any scenario.

Security Lv.4

Security Level 4 provides our pinnacle of protective measures for WordPress sites. Dive into a fortified web experience, with multi-layered defenses against evolving threats, enhanced by regular intensive security reviews.

Optimization full

Our full optimization service pushes the boundaries of WordPress performance. Delving into every detail, from CDN integrations to in-depth database refinements, we bring out the utmost potential of your platform.

$ 20 Landing / Promotions
Hosting 1GB
Updates 1x
Backup 1x
Security Lv.1
Optimization - minimal
$ 40 Personal / Business
Hosting 2GB
Updates 2x
Backup 2x
Security Lv.2
Optimization - middle
$ 60 Portal / Online shop
Hosting 5GB
Updates 3x
Backup 3x
Security Lv.3
Optimization - high
$ 100 Platform / Web App
Hosting 10GB
Updates 4x
Backup 4x
Security Lv.4
Optimization - full