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Hosting 1GB

Our 1GB WordPress hosting offers ample storage for new or basic WordPress sites. It ensures fast loading times and efficient operation, tailored specifically for WordPress requirements.

Updates 1x

This service includes a one-time technical update specifically for your WordPress site, ensuring that your website aligns with the latest WordPress versions and standards.

Backup 1x

Our one-time backup service is specifically designed for WordPress, ensuring a comprehensive backup of your site’s data, themes, and plugins, safeguarding against potential data loss.

Security Lv.1

Security Level 1 provides foundational security measures tailored for WordPress sites. This includes protection against common WordPress-specific threats, spam protection, and basic traffic filtering.

Optimization minimal

Our minimal optimization package is crafted for WordPress sites, focusing on actions like image compression, WordPress-specific code minimization, and other measures to boost your site’s performance on the platform.

$ 20 Landing / Promotions
Hosting 1GB
Updates 1x
Backup 1x
Security Lv.1
Optimization - minimal
$ 40 Personal / Business
Hosting 2GB
Updates 2x
Backup 2x
Security Lv.2
Optimization - middle
$ 60 Portal / Online shop
Hosting 5GB
Updates 3x
Backup 3x
Security Lv.3
Optimization - high
$ 100 Platform / Web App
Hosting 10GB
Updates 4x
Backup 4x
Security Lv.4
Optimization - full