Rules and Standards

Discover our efficient, quality-focused website building process, including key rules and customization options for your brand.

Introduction: Selecting a Pre-Designed
Template — Your Ideal Choice

Choose a design from our collection for your website, and we will customize it without changing its essential features or design. As we develop your site, we adjust the content to fit your brand and style, resulting in a unique website with professional design and functionality. This approach not only speeds up the development process but also offers several unique benefits. With our support, you get a site that seamlessly combines style, functionality, quality, and efficiency.

Time Efficiency:

Reduced development time for faster website launch.

Cost Efficiency:

No extra charges for additional development.


Optimized and tested design solutions for reliable performance.

Enhanced Security:

Minimal custom solutions to reduce vulnerabilities.

Proven UX/UI Design:

Crafted with the best user experience practices in mind.

Rapid Loading:

Code optimization for swift website functionality.


Pre-optimized designs for better search engine visibility.

Responsive Design:

Mobile-ready site versions.

Professional Appearance:

High-quality design and functionality.

Easy Updates:

Fully compatible with future WordPress versions.

Brand Identity Alignment:

Customizable to your brand’s colors and style.

Future Update Flexibility:

Easily add new features after the initial development phase.

Why It's Important

Selecting a design from our collection is not just about speed and convenience. It ensures your website is developed using proven and effective solutions. Our commitment to these chosen designs and their functionalities allows us to concentrate on creating unique, high-quality content and designs for your site, maintaining a high standard of quality throughout the development process.


The Advantages of Choosing Our Designs:

Cost Savings:

Achieve notable cost savings without compromising on product quality.

Less Risk:

Minimized of technical issues and compatibility problems.

Fast Development:

Significantly decrease the time required to launch your project.

Key Development Policy: No Functional Changes During Development

Throughout the development of your website, we strictly maintain the original functionality of the design you've selected. This approach guarantees stability, swift development, and prevents unforeseen technical issues.

All additional features and changes can be implemented after the main stage and project delivery.

Development Limitations

During this stage, we will adhere to the following limitations:

We will not alter the design of the chosen site.
We will maintain the existing functionality without changes.
We will not add new pages or blocks.
We will refrain from making any other changes to the project until its complete delivery to you.

You will receive the site as per the functionality originally selected. After the complete delivery of the website, we are available to disable any blocks or functions that are not required.


When creating a website, you will receive

Adaptation to the colors of your brand or product
The full functionality that you saw on the selected design
The ability to disable the functions and blocks that you do not need
Professional website
The opportunity to discuss in advance all the functions you will need after the website is created.
A website with your content

By turning to us, you can rest assured that your website will combine exceptional design and functionality, with a focus on the long-term success of your business. Beyond the development stage, additional functional elements and individual preferences can be implemented after the compl