Technical Maintenance

Discover our comprehensive maintenance services, which is include a range of technical maintenance procedures to ensure your website's stability, security, and optimal performance.

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Technical Maintenance

Discover our comprehensive maintenance services, which is include a range of technical maintenance procedures to ensure your website's stability, security, and optimal performance.

Quick recovery

Technical Maintenance Description

Discover full-scale WordPress maintenance services, offering essential technical support, enhanced performance optimization, and comprehensive security measures to ensure your website’s optimal functionality and protection.

Key Aspects of Technical Maintenance:

– Software Updates: Regular updates of plugins, themes, and the WordPress core to enhance website functionality, compatibility, and security.

– Performance Optimization: Profiling and tuning server resources, configuring caching and data compression to improve user experience and site speed.

– Backup Management: Systematic creation of backups for site data and databases, with fast recovery options available.

– Security Monitoring: Regularly checking for and fixing security issues, and monitoring the website to prevent unauthorized access.

– System Monitoring: Continuous checks for site availability, detailed error log analysis, and prompt incident response to maintain high uptime.

– Technical Support: Comprehensive consultation on technical matters, with a focus on ongoing maintenance and swift resolution of incidents and queries.

Technical Maintenance Process

The Technical Maintenance Process involves around-the-clock monitoring, prompt issue resolution, strategic documentation, and effective communication, all aimed at ensuring optimal website performance and enhanced user experience.

Core Steps in Technical Maintenance:

– Monitoring and Response: Continuous monitoring of website status with priority-based incident response to maintain reliable functionality.

– Problem Classification: All detected issues are classified according to their level of importance. Non-critical issues may be resolved within 48 hours or according to the complexity of the task.

– Documentation: All maintenance actions are meticulously recorded for transparency and strategic analysis.

– Communication Policy: Interactions with clients occur through established channels of communication. Direct calls for resolving technical issues are not accepted.

Additional Services:

– Design and Content Support: Beyond technical maintenance, services also include enhancing website design and content, incorporating new functional features.

Site Maintenance Services

Our site maintenance package includes various essential services:


Providing server space for your website with optimal uptime.

SSL Certificate:

Enhanced security through SSL encryption for data transmission.

Virus Protection:

Security measures against malware and cyber threats.

Bug Fixes:

Quick identification and resolution of site defects and malfunctions.

Business Emails:

Five business email accounts with 15 GB each, expandable based on your needs.

Monthly Backup:

Regular backups of your website data each month.

Site Recovery:

Quick restoration of your website's functionality in case of any issues.

Technical Updates:

Monthly updates to plugins, themes, and core functions to keep your site current

Security Management:

Comprehensive measures to protect your website from vulnerabilities.

Customer Support:

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address any issues or queries

Monthly technical maintenance plans

Explore tailored plans for ongoing technical maintenance and website health.

$ 20 Landing / Promotions
Hosting 1GB
Updates 1x
Backup 1x
Security Lv.1
Optimization - minimal
$ 40 Personal / Business
Hosting 2GB
Updates 2x
Backup 2x
Security Lv.2
Optimization - middle
$ 60 Portal / Online shop
Hosting 5GB
Updates 3x
Backup 3x
Security Lv.3
Optimization - high
$ 100 Platform / Web App
Hosting 10GB
Updates 4x
Backup 4x
Security Lv.4
Optimization - full